GoPro understands IMC.


“What is integrated marketing really?  There are many definitions, but a really understandable version comes from Steve McKee, a writer for Bloomberg Business:

Integration means communicating a consistent identity from message to message, and medium to medium, and (more importantly) delivering consistently on that identity”.

Integrated marketing is tricky, because it is not as simple as matching fonts and tag lines. Great integrated campaigns take a message and tailor it correctly for every marketing discipline, and relate everything back to their desired message”(lonleybrand).

While we are all taking courses to become better marketers and communicators, I wanted to discuss a company that successfully creates integrated marketing communications campaigns, GoPRo.

GoPro helps people capture and share their lives’ most meaningful experiences with others—to celebrate them together. Like how a day on the mountain with friends is more meaningful than one spent alone, the sharing of our collective experiences makes our lives more fun”(GoPro). GoPro creates the world’s most versatile cameras.

GoPro uses the theme “Be a HERO” to connect with its target audience in a meaningful way. Using brand-related sponsorships and endorsements, outdreal-life-firefighter-saves-kitten-from-certain-death-in-latest-gopro-adoor ads, SEO, web, and heavy social media, GoPro integrates all of their marketing efforts with plenty of user-generated content.

GoPro users can submit their original videos or photos to win Video or Photo of the Day on GoPro’s social media channels. The brand was able to score one of the top ads of the year by using a firefighter’s original GoPro video, proving that when you have a strong brand message, even user-generated content will represent your campaign and make it successful”(lonelybrand).

By the way, even though we’ve watched it countless times, we can still revisit this GoPro ad all the time:

Fireman saves kitten

-Katherine Gonzales


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