Instagram’s new feature is a #gamechanger



I know this is crazy, but I actually don’t have an Instagram. When applying to grad school and law school it was simply a lot easier for me to just stick with one social media site. The less there is about you on the internet, the less there is for schools to search for. Now that I’m in both programs, I’ve been thinking about getting my own.

While I don’t have a personal Instagram I still know how they work. Working on my Integrated Marketing Communications Masters means that I have to have insight into the strategies of social media.

Recently, Instagram announced that they are changing the way you get “likes” on photos. As everyone on Instagram may agree, you post a photo with the intention of getting likes, I mean who doesn’t want to be Instafamous? Well up until recently until you got 11 likes on an individual photo it showed the names of the people who liked your photo. Well now that has changed. The names are no longer there, just the amount of people who like it.

“Some are reporting that the names disappear after three likes instead of 10. Perhaps you no longer have to wait for 10 likes to appear cool on social media!

Instagram confirmed to Mashable that they are testing out this new feature, though they didn’t reveal when they will roll it out for all users.

So will this make you feel less like a loser to see a number next to the heart, or will it looks worse to see the phrase “2 likes” under a photo or your latte?”(E).


-Katherine Gonzales


Mullins, J. (2016, February 19). Instagram Might Be Changing That 1 Thing You Really Hate About Getting Likes. Retrieved from

4 thoughts on “Instagram’s new feature is a #gamechanger

  1. Katherine- I’m so glad you wrote about this because I had no clue Insta was rolling out this new feature. Personally, I think it will be a big hit with Instagram users. The “look and feel” of this new feature alone will seem much cleaner and organized in my opinion. Instead of having a list of ten long random Instagram usernames under your photo, you will simply be able to see how many people have liked it. In reality, how many people really care WHO it was that liked your photo, besides you? And we have the option to see who is liking our photos through back end features like our personal notification feeds. I am excited to see this new feature roll out and can’t wait to see how it goes over! – H


  2. As an Instagram user I will be the first to admit that I anxiously await the moment my likes changes from names to numbers. I always thought I seemed a little desperate due to this anticipation but lets be real, everyone wants to be sitting at the popular table and on Instagram the more likes the bigger that seat is.
    Changing this feature seems to be a bit of a double edged sword. While the user no longer has to wait for a number beside that heart they are also plagued with a low number. So is this really the best way go? I’m not so sure. When personally reflecting which I would prefer I believe I like the current system as it is simply because the names before they change to numbers at least take up more space below the picture. That seems overall more satisfactory than a measly 2 or 3. I am interested to see if Instagram does go through with this change and how Instagrammers will react to the low numbers being displayed.



  3. Hi Kat-I must admit, it is a nail-biting process waiting for your Instagram likes to show as a number instead of a list of the people who liked it. It’s always a let down if your photo doesn’t get to that point. I’m glad they are changing this feature!


  4. I’m a late Instagram user too. I just created my account the past week and although I have yet to post any photos, I’m getting a feel for my contacts and those organizations I’m following through the platform. I actually like being able to see who “likes” my images on other social channels, like Facebook. Many times I’ll find myself clicking to see who has liked my image and I’m thrilled to see people I’m friends with, but haven’t spoken to in a while has liked my image. Will Instagram show the number and allow users to see who liked it as well, or will it be a total mystery on who liked your images? If they completely hide the individuals, doesn’t it take the social out of the social channel?
    Thanks, Niki


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