Famous NZ Beauty Vlogger Shaaanxo.

I decided to follow up with my discussion from last week about digital emerging media revolutionizing the beauty industry and give a specific example of a beauty Youtube Vlogger.
Shannon Harris known as Shaaanxo on the Internet is a leading New Zealand beauty and fashion YouTuber known for her channel Shaaanxo. She also has a more personal channel called ShaaanxoVlogs. She created her Shaaanxo channel in early 2010 and created her second channel on July 19, 2011.


Almost five years ago Shannon Harris picked up a camera and started talking. With more than two million YouTube subscribers to date, she has become ingrained in the social media video blogging, or vlogging, sphere and has created for herself the household name Shaaanxo. She’s one of New Zealand’s most popular YouTube stars.

Because of her popularity almost all makeup, beauty, and lifestyle companies want to send their goods and services to Shannon to market in her videos. Some of the companies who market through Shannon include Marc Jacobs, Mac, Too Faced, Anastasia Beverly Hills, and Elizabeth Arden. Shaanxo receives hundreds if not thousands of dollars worth of free merchandise every day.


“Blogging as a trend on the Internet has become extremely popular during the last decade. People all over the world have begun writing on a variety of topics—music, news, education, cooking etc. Basically, anyone who finds himself/herself experienced in an area can easily share their knowledge on the Web. For many people such efforts have become something much more than a hobby. Successful authors may quit their “normal” jobs and make money as full-time “professional” bloggers while others may supplement their “ordinary” income with revenue generated by their written or video content”(blogspot).


-Katherine Gonzales





2 thoughts on “Famous NZ Beauty Vlogger Shaaanxo.

  1. Hi Katherine,

    It’s crazy to me how quickly social media and general buzz allows just anyone to become “social media famous”! It seems like more and more regular people who are utilizing blogs and social media are blowing up and becoming “instafamous” due to their promotion and review of certain products. It’s just that simple in a social society. I do enjoy regularly reading reviews from these individuals who seem to know what their talking about- but that’s just it. Do they really have a legitimate expertise in the area that they are promoting when just anyone can become well-known these days? What do you think? Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Haley,

      I feel like the majority of the time these instafamous people generally promote goods or services that relate to their industry, however sometimes I see them promoting something completely random.

      For example one of the beauty bloggers I follow the other day was promoting a sweeper. People will really do anything for money, and companies will do anything to get their product out there.


      Liked by 1 person

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